Posted on 2014-10-19 21:43:44

Antaga—ta do—ko sa!
Higo sa! Higo doko sa!
Kumamoto saaaaaaa!

Chibikko festival, organized by Ariyasu Momoka!

It’s been so long since our last livehouse concert!
We managed to get so close to everyone, seeing all the wonderful smiles and hearing all the warm cheers at close proximity!
It was a joyful time—.
How about everyone? Did you see us clearly?
Did you have lots of fun?
It was great seeing organizer Ariyasu really come alive!

Thank you to everyone who watched the LV too!
The talk show after the concert was fun too!
The kids from Fukuoka’s business office came too!

Hosting a concert at such close proximity is really so much fun!

Everyone, thank you so much!





Misa’s note:
1. Reni starts with a children’s folk song called “Higo temari uta”, which originated from Kumamoto City. Listen to it here.