Takagi Reni, Electric Girl!


Name: Takagi Reni (高城 れに)
Nickname: Reni
Birthday: 21 June 1993
Bloodtype: O
Height: 158 cm
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Hobby: Exercising, dance, thinking of other dimensions
Speciality: Dance, out-of-body experiences
Strength: Positive
Weakness: Crazy
Personality: Feigned ignorance!
Favourite food: Satsuma yam!
Favourite word: Striking at the right moment
Momoclo: My best treasure (fans, members, staff)

Reni-reni exercise queen! Let’s go! (Yeah!)
Lift your right hand~! Wave it left and right~! Let’s be happy today too
Always relaxing (Takagi Reni)
Right behind you (Takagi Reni)
One in every home (Takagi Reni)
That’s me (Takagi Reni)
Momoclo’s electric girl, this is Takagi Reni!



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