Posted on 2014-10-20 22:20:14

Chibikko festival is over—!!

Yes, Momoclo is only here because of the Mononofu

I want us to always, always be together,
walking along step by step de-ariyasu! (*`・Θ・´*)

And it’s been a long time since livehouse ♪

I truly thought
that it’s just so wonderful (・Θ・)

“I don’t want to change… but I want to change and progress”

This campaign is based on height!!
Just what how I’d hoped it would be, we could see all the way to the back
I really felt so happy (*’-’*)

To have made this campaign come true

The tall ones, though they couldn’t enter, watched over us so kindly too
Everyone also came for the exhibition at Kumamoto
(And at Tochigi too~ ♪ (lol))

Once again…
Thank you so much, everyone! (*^Θ^*)

When I sang “Arigatou no present” as the opening song,
the lights at the venue reflected through everyone’s years
and shone so brightly…
It made me want to cry along too, but

I’m already almost 20!!

I wanted everyone to see that I’ve grown up, that I’m no longer the same as in the past,
so I held back (*`・Θ・´*)

I just wanted to deliver this song
with my best smile ☆

So that it can give everyone a push on the back (*’-’*)

That’s the meaning behind
Arigatou no present ☆

If I get the chance to sing this song again,
I hope to sing it with a smile, together with everyone ♪

As usual, it was a concert filled with
lots of Momoclo talk…

To everyone who came to Kumamoto

And everyone all across the country who watched the LiveViewing

Thank you so much (*>∀<*)

Ah! That’s right ☆
Look forward to Daiba HALLOWEEN PARK event
on the 25th too~ (*・Θ-*)

It seems like lots of people have bought and read Quick Japan…
Thank you so much (*^^*)
Everyone even went to try out the Ou-sama brunch
I’m really so thankful de-ariyasu (*T T*)

The photos
were taken during VAMPS-san’s HALLOWEEN PARTY event
where we performed as guests.
It’s Snow White (Kanako) and the 7? dwarves— ♪