The year 2014――. Having overthrown the usual concept of a nationwide arena tour, Hamasaki Ayumi faced the challenge of whittling down the annual tour to 3 large venues at Tokyo, Nayoga and Osaka, and making use of the latest technology for the first time in a Japanese concert, distilling the true essense of an entertainment show.

[The show, named “Premium Showcase” created a “new concept”, showing off how “Hamasaki Ayumi” has continued to evolve; proof of her life.]
-Ongaku Writer

To close off 2014, “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 A Cirque de Minuit ~Mayonaka no circus~” has been announced!

“Cirque de Minuit” is French for “midnight circus”.

In recent years, Hamasaki Ayumi’s shows have embodied a global perspective, and the word “circus” has been an underlying theme for many of these concerts. This time, it has been made into the main theme. It is thus naturally a much-anticipated show, with the troupe having gathered much specific skills and confidence over the years to pull this off well. Most importantly, the fantastic timezone that is “midnight” adds another layer of imagination.

Countdown has always been held at the sacred ground Yoyogi, and this will be Coundown Live’s 15th Anniversary. A show different from the arena tour, catered just for the Countdown; having entertained over 400 000 audience since 2000, just how different will this year’s New Year celebrations be――?

Please keep your eyes locked on Yoyogi!


29 December 2014 (Mon) ~ 31 December 2014 (Wed)
Yoyogi First Gymnasium


【TeamAyu Lottery】
Ticket lottery will be carried out for TeamAyu.
Only available for members who joined before 15 Oct (Wed) 23:59.
More details about the lottery and concert will be released at a later date.