From tomorrow!!
22 April 2014. 16:32
by ayu.

Japan has been experiencing periods of great temperature change, going from hot to cold and back again
I wonder if anyone has fallen sick?
It’s really super hot in LA every day—–!! It’s summer. Everlasting summer. (laugh)
I usually ask relentlessly for an air-conditioned room everywhere I go, but these days, it’s been tough trying to prevent myself from falling sick (´Д` )

Because the rehearsal studio that I’m at every day feels just like a fridge. Sometimes, it even feels like a freezer.
So today, I started the day by requesting for heaters to be brought it, definitely a first for anyone. (laugh)

And then! While battling the Tokyo ↔ LA jetlag together with the rest of the troupe, and grumbling aboout the lack of wi-fi in America, and suddenly feeling appreciative of Japan’s wi-fi speed, we powered through rehearsals. Tomorrow, the choreo team’s ZIN-san, KO-chan and LICO, as well as the 3 members of the acrobatics team will reach LA, and we can start mass rehearsals together- ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Suu-san will be staying in Tokyo as the head of the choreo team, and Shuya-san, Kyanzu, 2-YAN & POWERBOMB seem to be progressing well there under his guidance too ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


I think the show this time will be awesome…

You’ll really regret it forever if you don’t see it…

I’ve been undergoing secret special training everyday, and my body is covered with bruises, while my arms look like a baseball with those stitches running all across them. It’s all swollen and so painful, but it’s going to be worth it. Definitely.

Alright, I need to go prepare to welcome the members coming tomorrow. Then I’ll do some stretching, ice my bruises, and go to bed early ♡