Posted on 2014-04-10 22:23:54

Nice to meet you ❤

So sleepy! So sleepy!
I wanted to attend a cherry blossom viewing recently, but it unfortunately rained, and we ended up going crazy at a friend’s house instead-!
We did a Momoclo live too! (laugh)

That friend’s mum is a really great cook, and we had a super delicious meal-!!! ^ ^
It made me want to take up cooking!

Change of topic (laugh), Hang on! 4 hour special!
We went to Hazu Town for Darts no tabi!
Who watched the episode-?

It’s such a welcoming town, and we got to meet many different people. It was a heartwarming journey!
I wanna go again!
Thank you once to again to everyone in Hazu Town!

Alright. Let’s work hard tomorrow!