For 3 days, from 29~31 December, the annual Countdown Live was held at sacred ground Yoyogi First Gymnasium. Now, the complete show from New Year’s Eve has been compiled into video!

From the special stage utilizing several huge 6m flip-top lifters that was used live in concert in Japan for the first time in history, to the exciting airborne swing show performed without safety harnesses by the performers, to the multi-change costumes, this is a must-watch of the ever-evolving “Hamasaki Ayumi show”!

Furthermore, this release includes rare footage of surprise guest performances by m-flo and DJ Hello Kitty, who participated in collaborations in single “Feel the love / Merry-go-round”, released in December!!

Release date: 30 April 2014

DVD: ¥5,800
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Blu-ray: ¥6,800
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01. Feel the love
03. Free & Easy
04. Because of You
05. Love is All
07. momentum
08. electrocinema break
09. is this LOVE?
10. Love song
11. Merry-go-round
12. You & Me
13. SURREAL ~ evolution ~ SURREAL
14. part of Me
15. Curtain call
16. Boys & Girls
17. Humming7/4
18. Bold & Delicious