Posted on 2015-01-14 12:46:42

My health has caused
lots of trouble for so many people these few days
I’m really sorry
So sorry for making everyone worry

I thought I’d gotten better, but I fell ill again
and caused even more trouble…
I truly apologize for that

And really sorry
for making all my blog readers worry for me…

But at the same time
thank you
for all the congratulatory comments on my coming-of-age

I may have become an adult,
but the journey is still long

As a new adult of 2015,
I hope to become a more mature person
and in my best effort into everything

this has become quite a serious entry,
but I really hope to take things step by step
with a one-two-three de-ariyasu (`・Θ・´)

Today’s BGM
is Mr Children’s “one two three”

Oh! I couldn’t attend the ceremony,
but I still got the chance to dress up (*^Θ^*)