Posted on 2015-01-13 14:56:38

The moment I took off my furisode
I cut my hair short \(^^)/

And for the cutting ceremony, the staff came to my house and I was allowed to make the first cut!
I was so nervous… ☆

How is it? Are you shocked? (。-∀-) Fufu

This is the first time in my life I’m having such short hair!!
I really did it (´ω`)

I was wondering if everyone would say “but I like your ponytail~”, and it seems like that is really true! (laugh)

Seriously~ ♥ (laugh)

But, oh well!
I’ll make sure you’ll fall in love with short-haired me (。-∀-) (laugh)

Joking ♥
Since it’s such a rare thing, do look forward to seeing various styles 🎵

Having cut it so short,
I’m excited to see it at different lengths as it grows back out ☆

Either way,
shampooing is now super easy,
and it feels weird—!! (laugh)