Posted on 2014-12-03 08:50:28

Good evening (-^〇^-)

A few days ago, we performed at
“Nippon Broadcasting opening 60th Anniversary commemorative All Night Nippon radio live Wasurarenu Music”~ \(^o^)/

To stand together with all the other wonderful artistes
I felt so honoured!

And then,
we all sang
the 60th Anniversary commemorative song
“Wasurarenu Music” for the first time.

I really love this song!

I was just so happy,
and I hope that this song
will become a “Wasurarenu Music” for many people!

Everyone, thank you (._.)❤

Today is!
FNS Song Festival!

It just gives me the feeling that year’s end is coming~!
It’ll be a live broadcast, and I’m nervous
but I’ll enjoy myself~ ( ö )/♡

Everyone, let’s gather
in front of your TVs (*^^*)


Misa’s note:
Wasurarenu means unforgettable.