Posted on 2014-11-27 15:44:20

It’s hard to believe, but…
It’s our 3rd consecutive appearance (* *)

The tracks we’ve made the past 3 years,
they’re truly a continuity of miracles paved by everyone ☆

It’s because all the Mononofu
have always supported us with much spirit,
and were always so much stronger than us
and watched over us ☆

No matter how grateful I am, it’s never enough σ(*´∀`*)

Ah! But to spend New Year’s Eve
with everyone again this year
makes me the happiest de-ariyasu (*^^*)

I really love music…
So to appear on music programmes
like Kouhaku, and Folk Village today,
is really the best happiness for me ☆

So I make sure to enjoy myself every time,
and of course, challenge myself
to deliver something to everyone

Every single concert ♪ Meeting ♪
I’ll treasure each one of them de-ariyasu (≧▽≦)

First, let’s dash swiftly until year’s end—

Everyone~ Will you come with me?