Posted on 2014-11-19 13:30:35


I think everyone knows about this already!
We finally announced that we will be starring
in the movie “Maku ga agaru”!

Did that shock everyone??

Filming has already ended, and we had a really wonderful time.
To think that us idols could finally truly take on the role of movie actresses
It made us nervous at first,
and we didn’t know a single thing.
But we met with a wonderful director, wonderful staff, and wonderful fellow cast members,
and all of them were determined to make a masterpiece
That got through to me,
and I took the project really seriously too.

I might be a little inexperienced,
but I really gave it my best shot then.

Filming has ended,
but we haven’t seen the footage yet.
But everyone who did told us that
“We’ve done a good job!”, so I’m looking forward to the movie’s release.

Filming is only half of what makes a movie.
Director Motohiro told us that
“It’ll only be complete when the audience watches it”

From now till the release,
I’ll work hard so that many people will want to watch it.

Please support me!

I’m so glad to be able to announce this
to everyone ( ˆoˆ )/

Shiori image