Posted on 2014-11-21 12:33:35

I’m baaaaaaaaack— ♪

Actually, we…

Were unable to update our blogs for awhile


Because we had jumped to Las Vegas

To do a photoshoot and PV shooting for a new song
to be released 28 January next year— (*・Θ-*)


Eh? Why Las Vegas?!


It’s because we’re doing a collab ☆★

with an overseas artiste!!

Rock band!!



It’s my very first overseas PV filming

And at Las Vegas too!!!

And to really meet KISS-san

Wow, that’s really such an inspiration… (* *)

Their appearance is really intense and frightening
So I felt a little nervous during our first meeting

But once we met
They’re really such kind and interesting people

I had a tongue stretching contest
with Gene Simmons-san too (laugh)
(Ah! I lost in terms of tongue length
But mine could stretch upwards more than his (*・Θ・*))

Eric Singer-san commented that I was “Oh! tiny ♪”
and held me up bridal-style de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

He even carried me up on stage to his drum set
And let me hit his drums— ♪
Yay (*>∀<*)

And ♪ We got to watch their concert too ← They were so awesome (* *)

We spent a really KISS week together— (*^Θ^*)

If only we can continue giving concerts with such amazing power just like them
no matter how old we grow (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Ah— And then
I hope to deliver the finished
single to everyone soon! (*>∀<*)

I hope to let everyone experience
a new kind of Momoclo again… .:*:゜☆


I’ll upload more off-shots from Las Vegas
when I have the chance— ♪