Posted on 2014-10-17 00:01:24

Long time no update!! (◡̈)/♥

Before I knew it, it was already October…
There’s just 2 more months left in this year.
But I say that this time every year (laugh)

Tomorrow is
VAMPS-san’s Halloween live!
The day after is Chibikko festival!

Yeah! It’s an autumn of concerts \(^o^)/

It’s a little late,
but about Momoiro Folk Village
which started showing last month…

It’s a monthly live broadcast
of a relaxed, free programme,
but we’ve been learning the guitar,
and everyone has a homework piece to practise on
so it’s totally not a relaxing thing for us! (laugh)

It’s a wonderful, Spartan programme.

But I’m grateful
to be able to pick up this new challenge.

I’ve always been interested,
so I’m really determined to work hard at this,
while having fun at the same time!

The show’s 2nd episode will air
on 30 October,
everyone, please watch it~!
To those who don’t subscribe to CS,
it’s not too late to join~! ( ˆoˆ )/

The photos feature the costumes we wore during last month’s Folk Village!
My knees decided to expose themselves and say hello (laugh) So embarrassing… (*ノ∀`*)

And a bonus.
A flying Kanako-chan.

Tama-chan image