Posted on 2014-10-03 22:11:04






We recently performed at Minami Kousetsu-san’s summer picnic,
and somehow got to see lots of precious things!!

Real things.

So warm and gentle,
like being embraced.

It just felt like “that’s how it’s supposed to be!”
Hmm— it’s really hard to describe (laugh)
But it was just really happy (*´`*)

We performed “Nanairo no stardust” with Kousetsu Oi-chan and Ise Shouzou-san!
And then,
“Ano subarashii ai wo mou ichido” with Kousetsu Oi-chan, Iruka-san, Ozaki Ami-san and Oota Yumi-san!!

It was really so much fun!!!
Thank you!!!! (*´`*)

And an unexpected meeting on the station platform on the way home! (laugh)
Just when I noticed a pair of eyebrows running towards us!
Was it Sumire-chan… No, it was Akarin! (laugh)

We had both late and had missed the previous train, so we got on to the next one together!

What a coincidence!! (*゚▽゚*)

It was a fun journey home (´∀`)