Posted on 2014-04-28 00:29:23

Everyone, thank you
for all the kind comments! image

All of it made Aarin so happy \(^o^)/

She really feels like she will be healing very quickly this time!! (laugh)

Thank you so much.

We just finished a 3-day fanclub event, starting on Friday
at the Seibu Dome!

To all the white beret fans who came!
Thank you! (*∩ω∩)

Aarin was really nervous to appear before everyone image

But everyone welcomed her with warm smiles
and she felt much better!

She received lots of power from everyone!

Thank you (`・ω・´)

So how was the live? I guess that a secret only the white berets and us

Will ever know! image (laugh)

…Right?! (*^ω^*)

It was su——-ch an enjoyable 3 days!

Thank you!! (-^艸^-)

Aarin was trying to decide which photo to upload~

She wants to post some shots with the other members
But she thinks the rest of the members will be posting those too, so! (laugh)


Here! *blush*

She got to wear this cute dress! (//∇//)

How does she look? image

image Sasaki Ayaka image