Posted on 2014-03-27 11:26:16

Yesteday, ah! I mean, 2 days ago?!

Thank you to everyone who listened to the midnight radio that day ^^

I was invited to appear solo, so I was terribly nervous (> <)<br />
The things which I wanted to speak of piled up high as a mountain,
but I was just too awkward and faint-hearted, so I couldn’t speak much in the end (;Θ;) (cries)

But I’m really so thankful to Kiyono-san
who did his very best to coax some words out of me de-ariyasu (*T T*)

Thank you so much
to all the listeners who stayed up late to listen to the programme (*’-’*)

Everyone has always provided me with support in so many ways
And I can really feel it
So everyday is spent in happiness de-ariyasu .:*:゜☆

I wish for these days to continue forever… ☆

And then, there’s just some stuff which I didn’t speak of on radio!!

Hmm–, actually
It’s a whole lot of stuff…

I’d had dragged the programme on until dawn broke
Yes…I’m just long-winded like that ^^;

I just go on and on about nothing in particular ><<br />
I’m the type who can speak forever and not make a single point (laugh)

I can’t really recall
what we talked about during the programme…

Oh yes! Music ☆

It was a live broadcast, and I was nervous
So I was really worried about getting artiste names and song titles wrong
In the end, I didn’t talk much

But it seems like many artistes did tune in the the show (*^^*)

I wanted to talk about so much more
But I was just too nervous
So I just sounded really pathetic… (;Θ;)

Yes, that’s why I’m grateful for this blog ☆

I can write about anything I want
And slowly deliver my thoughts and ideas to everyone (*・Θ・*)

Ah- Yes yes,
Mama bought a new Mr Children DVD recently

It’s the HOME tour from 2007
I think there are 2 versions? The stadium ver. and the arena ver.?
But both were really good

Just a while ago
I wrote that my favourite Mr Children live DVD was the 2009 Budoukan show
But maybe, I’m starting to like this one… ☆
Just a little more…

Fufu! ♪
I just love this feeling of discovering
more and more things to love ^^

Life is about slowly accumulating treasured possessions ☆

Everyone, please slowly gather all the things you love too- (*・Θ-*)

Support and accumulate, let’s do it (laugh)