Posted on 2014-03-01 19:10:39

This is great~

Everyone forgave Aarin even though she didn’t update the blog for such a long time (´・_・`)

Everyone’s hearts are just so accepting,
it just makes Aarin so happy image

…Sorry (´・ω・`)
The joke got out of hand (laugh)


Aarin will try not to stay away for so long again!

Well, it just feels bad (laugh)

And when she’s been away for too long,
she doesn’t know how to update a new entry…

And it just gets harder as time passes. (laugh)

Aarin will do some reflection…

2 days ago,
we took part in the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary event ☆彡

Thank you to everyone who came-! ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

It’s been so long since we were at Live House! ♪

Everyone was so near
And all the heat reached us loud and clear

And made us feel “Wow—-!” (laugh)

But not being able to dance was so irritating.

But it was still fun (*´艸`*)

Reni-chan was so awesome too (laugh)


Ah, it’s not Reni-chan!

It’s Usagi-chan! image

Sailor Moon is truly every girl’s eternal obsession! (*∩ω∩)

I’ll punish you in the name of the Moon! image

And then,
following from last year, this year, a-a-again!

We received the Ustream Grand Award (`・ω・´)

Thank you—!!

Aarin’s so happy- (°∀° )/

Ustream is really the best!

Live streaming, being able to hear everyone’s voices firsthand through comments
Being able to deliver our “right now” to everyone
Then reviewing the recordings through streaming

Thank you to everyone who has always supported our Ustream! (。・ω・)ノ゛

We’ll continue to do live streaming-!

And it’s already March!

So fast—-!

Panic! Panic! (laugh)

Aarin’s days as a high school junior are also limited,
and it’ll be Kokuritsu too! (*´ω`*)

Maybe it’s about time we started a countdown?

image Sasaki Ayaka image