Posted on 2014-03-01 00:08:03

The Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary event was held yesterday!
And there was a slightly(?) considerably(?) weird Sailor Moon there (laugh)

So how was it?
My Sailor Moon cosplay!

Wow- Actually, I’m the same age as Sailor Moon- (laugh)
It’s a beloved anime which I used to watch as a child, so I’m really glad I got this chance to appear at a Sailor Moon event ^ ^
And then, we even performed a cover of the songs!
We sang 2 songs
Moonlight Densetsu and Tuxedo Mirage-!
How were they-?

To those who hadn’t listened to them yet, please do!
Sailor Moon is a popular story, regardless of era or age!
We hope to become like the girls in the story!
And then, to continue loving Sailor Moon!
So yesterday was a really enjoyable concert, celebrating Sailor Moon together with other grand artists and all the fans!
Thank you, everyone!