Posted on 2014-03-02 21:38:20

On the 27th,
we performed at the 20th Anniversary concert for
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon!

I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I was a child,
so to perform at this wonderful concert
as part of Momoclo made me really happy ^ ^

To be able to perform with
Nakagawa Shoko-san,
Horie Mitsuko-san,
and Fukuhara Haruka-san
The venue was flooded with a joyful atmosphere of Sailor Moon love (*^^*)

We’ll continue to work hard
in order to become a group as well-loved as the Sailor Moon team-!

Everyone, thank you!

Ah, Takagi-san
became Sailor Moon! (laugh)
The eyes were just awesome! (laugh)




Shiorin image