TA_ChiAchan: You’ve revealed so much more than usual in Popteen’s Q&A ♪(´ε` )♡ I hope more people can get to know the real ayu-chan ♡
ayu_19980408: Really? But I’ve always been this frank, right? (laugh)

lovepeacemikko: I’ve bought popteen♫!♡ And FNS is tonight ♫ Looking forward to it (⌯꒪͒ ૢ∀ ૢ꒪͒) ੭ੇ৴ડેং৴ડેং
ayu_19980408: (⌯꒪͒ ૢ∀ ૢ꒪͒) ੭ੇ৴ડેং৴ડેং

A_world_ayu: [NEWS] ayu is on the cover of popteen again after 6 years!! So super cute!!! (≧∇≦) #ayuDay
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ayuangel_news: [VIDEO] Watch @ayu_19980408 ‘s performance at #FNS Summer Song Festival! http://t.co/bNXj6E6c7T #BLUEBIRD #evolution
ayu_19980408: You can watch today’s performance here ♪ Watch it before it gets taken down. (laugh) —>

TrustAyu2u: ayu’s troupe sparkled the brightest at FNS Summer Song Festival! #ayuDay
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ayu_19980408: To all the FNS staff, the A-TOUR STAFF, and the A-STAFF, really great job & thank you so much! And then, the pride of my life, my comrades, the troupe! Thank you for being with me to deliver smiles, dreams, hope and love to so many TA members. p.s. Watch out for KO-chan’s tumble. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: p.s.2. I’m really glad that I wasn’t that mikan smashed by Kyanzu.

icon_ayu: Hamasaki Ayumi’s “15th Anniversary Icon Kisekae” is out for download today! Go try it out! ⇒ http://t.co/OPkzRDsuyL (For iPhone/Android)
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Popteen_jp: It’s 1 August (Thu)! The release date for POP September issue~! And on the cover again after 6 years!! Hamasaki Ayumi-san! Lots of special content for the summer vacation!! Check out GAL’sPOP on Popteen’s official site too~! http://t.co/77eLSj28kC
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rice20000: Isn’t it unexpectedly awesome, it’s overall No.2 out of all the apps?
ayu_19980408: Really? That’s really unexpectedly awesome. (laugh)

rice20000: It’s now No.1 ☆
ayu_19980408: ((((;゚Д゚)))))))!!!

icon_ayu: Thanks to everyone, the app is overall No.1 on the AppStore. http://t.co/OPkzRDsuyL
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lovelymimitan: island ayu ready? RAINBOW house mini ☆ booth is all ready!
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lovelymimitan: The booth will be selling ISM Salon Quality Haircare “Sugar Coconuts” set and “Fresh Rose” set!
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lovelymimitan: Customers who buy either the ISM Salon Quality Haircare “Sugar Coconuts” set or “Fresh Rose” set at the booth can get these paper bags as a present (≧∇≦)
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kayzu_teamayu: [MAGAZINE] “Majesty Japan”, released on 7 August, contains an interview “Welcoming the 15th Anniversary checkpoint with a natural body”. The cover is ayu too ♪(^_-)-☆http://t.co/qYnO6tzbOT
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tomoyukiomatsu: Good morning. Majesty JAPAN is out on sale today!! On the cover is Hamasaki Ayumi-san, boldly posing semi-nude with her hand as a makeshift bra! The tearjerking interview is also a must-read!! Of course, there’s also lots of information on fall fashion!!
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ayuangel_news: The September issue is the best start selling of Majesty Japan! congrats @ayu_19980408! Hamasaki Ayumi, semi-nude with revealing tattoos, talks about her “secret to success” http://t.co/qm7mbYOuH0
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AIKO_esNAIL: Zaki-san mixed up her flight dates and missed her flight today. (lol)
zakinko_esNAIL: I’m really sorry… I’ll work to death at LA…
ayu_19980408: Criminal, get here in haste and please repair my nails tomorrow? Let miccie-baba know the details. (laugh)