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Sacred ground ☆ National Yoyogi First Gymnasium ~Finale Show~
2 August 2013. 06:20

28 July. Finally, ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~ held its finale show at ☆sacred ground☆ National Yoyogi First Gymnasium!!!

As it was the precious finale show, all the participants did not lose out to ayu’s singing voice imbued with her soul, and the spirited performance of all the performers, and gave it their all! Screaming, singing and dancing with all their mights, it really made an impression, and we all reached the highest peak!!!


Cheers from the overflowing audience seats, the goosebump-inducing sense of togetherness we felt as the venue was dyed pink, fans who were unable to make it to the venue but contributed through Twitter to the “ayu call” to create a huge never-ending “ayu call” at the ☆sacred ground☆, and the indescribable emotions all came together to bring everything to the highest high as the finale show ended on a successful note! (^_-)

Alright, with a DODO-N, let’s upload the commemorative photos of the memories of everyone who came down for the ~A BEST LIVE~ finale show at ☆sacred ground☆ National Yoyogi First Gymnasium! (^o^)/

(A pleasant surprise, when the fans formed up a “15” for the 15th Anniversary ♪)

Thank you for cooperating with our photographers despite the unforgiving heat!

After its beginning in April, the tour has played for 28 shows at 12 locations nationwide, meeting up with about 220,000 audience. Having achieved ayu’s wish of “creating a tour with the fans”, this tour has ended off on the best note.

The best cheers, the best applause, the best smiles. Thank you so so much for it all!!! m(__)m

Let’s meet again the next time with sparkling smiles! *(^o^)/*