Goods limited to fanclub members will be on sale at the a-nation stadium fes. venue!!


【Artiste Photo】 – 7 Designs

ayu’s jacket cover photos are on sale as L-size photos!!
A selection of covers, including latest album “LOVE again” and mini-album “LOVE”, plus popular summer hit singles ♪

5 photos in 1 set: 1,000 yen
※ Each receipt limited to 3 sets.
※ Each set contains 5 random designs which cannot be chosen.


【Photo Album with Clear Stickers】

A photo album for artiste photo collectors. Comes with a set of original clear stickers!
A summerish item with a gradient of “I (heart) TA” as the design!

Price: 1,500yen
※ Each receipt limited to 3 albums.
※ 60 pockets / Length 30cm x Width 15cm x Thickness 2cm


【Clear Poster】

A large A3-size poster made of durable clear material!!
Available in 2 bold designs featuring album “LOVE again” and mini-album “LOVE”, with a translucent finish.

2 pieces in 1 set: 1,000yen
※ Each receipt limited to 3 sets.
※ A3-size
Not to be sold separately.


【Sale Venues】
24~25 August 2013 “a-nation stadium fes.” Osaka Nagano Gymnasium
31 August ~ 1 September 2013 “a-nation stadium fes.” Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium

※ The fanclub booth with open at the same time as the other booths at a-nation. Please refer to the a-nation official site for details on area opening times.


【To purchase famclub-limited goods at a-nation stadium…】
★ Please bring along your membership card.
※ New members who register for the fanclub on the day itself and members who renew their membership can show their registration/renewal receipt as proof.