Posted on 2015-02-22 02:09:33

We participated in the Sanuki Movie Festival
yesterday and today \( ˆoˆ )/

Director Motohiro’s birthplace!

Movie festivals are wonderful ☆
I’ve always wanted to attend one.

We also did a concert yesterday!
It was a brand new performance
for the movie’s ending theme “Seishunfu”.

We did it such that it seemed like we jumped out of the movie.
Was everyone surprised?

And after the movie,
everyone was so hyped up~ ✨

And then! We attended
a surprise meet-and-greet today!

It was an amazing meet-and-greet session
with Director Motohiro, Hirata Oriza-san,
Fujimura Tadahisa-san, who played Ariyasu’s father,
and the maestro of youth movies,
Director Oobayashi Nobuhiko!

What was especially touching today
were Director Oobayashi’s words.

Everything he said
was so dazzling,
that my heart felt cleaned.

He continued chatting to us after the session too.
He’s really a wonderful man!

And we finally understood why Director Motohiro
is always so calm and understanding.

I’m so glad we met with Director Oobayashi.

Kagawa is the prefecture of udon.
So that’s what we went to eat

Food is truly most delicious at its place of origin!
The more I ate, the more I wished I’d never feel full (laugh)

In the end, I had 2 bowls \( ˆoˆ )/

And then,
we returned to Tokyo,
and went to see KISS’ Japan press conference!

Our last meeting was in November.
But they were so affectionate
that it didn’t feel like we’d been apart that long 😊

Looking forward
to their performance on MSta next week,
and then their Japan concert at Tokyo Dome~! ✨