Posted on 2015-02-17 00:50:15

is the start of the solo nationwide pilgrimage
for the “Maku ga Agaru” meet-and-greet sessions!

I went to Niigata today \( ˆoˆ )/
and visited
T-JOY Niigata Baidai
and T-JOY Nagaoka! 😌🌟

Of course,
aside from delivering this movie
to lots of people throughout the nation,
this nationwide pilgrimage is also a programme
to help us to improve our hosting skills…

So we have to host
the 30 minute long meet-and-greet on our own.

So I challenged myself
at Niigata today.
Was I alright~?? 😣

I’ll work hard as much as I can,
so if everyone who comes for the meet-and-greets
can enjoy themselves, I’ll be glad!

And what made me really happy
was that the staff at the venue
decorated the waiting room in such a cute way… ❤️

There were portraits of me,
and local specialty products,

it was such a warm welcome,
I was so glad (;_;)♡♡

Everyone, thank you.

I’ll be visiting Gunma and Nagano Prefectures~!

I’ll work hard! 😌

Shii-chan 🐤