Posted on 2015-01-02 12:08:24

Happy new year o(^▽^)o
2015 has begun!!!!

During 2014’s Kouhaku, the venue at NHK was awash in green penlights, we really felt everyone’s love!
And I once again thought about how awesome it is to be Momoclo, and how great it is that Momoclo consists of all 5 of us.

So, how will 2015 be?
Before that, great job to Tanabe Nitaka-san for Ust24!
The new year is quickly filled with Momoclo!
And the first dream will, of course, be to appear as Momoclo? (laugh)

My New Year started off with tummy-splitting funny stories and various outings! And first snowfall!
It was a fulfulling start!
So I know it’ll just get better from now!
That’s right!

What’s written on my fortune slip is important, but the final determinant of fate is myself!
So I’ll smile lots, work hard, be kind to others, and experience 2015 as much as I can!

Everyone, please support me this year too!