Posted on 2014-12-30 07:20:45

Ah~ It’s already year’s end…!
Too fast.

Before we knew it,
even Momokuri was over! 😄 ☆

Thank you
for the best Christmas present this year.

With the best members,
the best comrades,
the best guests,
the best staff,
and the best Mononofu.
It was a blessed Christmas ♡

Yahoo— (﹡ Ö ﹡)/

Everyone, thank you!

And then,
we also hosted
Momoiro Folk Christmas!

This was truly wonderful
and lots of great senpai came as guests,
we managed to learn so much!

This time, we had audience seats in place,
so the Mononofu were seated right in front of us.
(Lots of Mononofu waited outside too. Thanks for staying out despite the cold! 😣)

I was nervous,
but also calm… (laugh)

Everyone, thank you!

2014 will soon
come to an end.

Before that,
let us and the Mononofu together
make the Kouhaku performance a success! ❤

So, till next time ( ˆoˆ )/