Posted on 2014-06-07 23:15:05

Arggh- I’ve been so careless!!
6 June is Kerokero♪Frog’s day (* *)

I remember mentioning it every year on the blog,
but somehow, this year,
it was the 8th before it came to mindddd (TΘT)

The rainy season arrived so suddenly, and the rain is falling so heavily
The frogs must be somewhere
jumping and leaping around (’Θ ’)

Humans are really such dynamic creatures
even in these familiar days…
That’s my recent thoughts ☆

Everyone reading this blog…

Is always connected to us

So much so that it’s become so familiar

And it’s such encouragement to realize that…

So whenever bad things happen, please remember this

Ah! Lastly, a happy announcement!!

Anime “Bishoujo senshi Sailor Moon Crystal”‘s opening and ending theme can be found in new single “MOON PRIDE”, which will be released on 30 July♪
Everyone, look forward to it! (*^^*)