Posted on 2014-03-16 01:15:42

15th March! Sunny day!
Something we’ve dreamed of: a concert at the National Stadium.
Wow- The place was so huge!!
A venue which we’ve dreamed about for years, but never actually thought we could enter until a few months ago.

What we did at Kokuritsugawa and the venue we’d always watched only on DVDs have become our “reality”. Now, even after Day 1 is over, I still feel like I’m in a dream! (laugh)

But everyone’s wonderful smiles and voices are totally burned onto my mind!
It’s just so magical-!

And then, today’s another precious memory that we shouldn’t forget.
Ariyasu Momoka’s birthday!
Ya-san looked really really happy to get such a grand birthday celebration!
It was all kept a secret from Ya-san, from the mass singing by the chorus and band members, to the fact that Furu-chan was inside the cake. She was so shocked, so it was a successful surprise! It was a wonderful start to her 19th year!
In all, happy birthday to Ya-san ^_^

And then, as per normal every year, Nankoku Peanuts-san aka Matsuzaki Shigeru-san presented us with a great announcement! 2days at Nissan Stadium!
So excited that we’ll get to go festival crazy with everyone for 2 days!

Wow, wow, but there’s another day tomorrow!
Kokuritsu isn’t over yet!

So glad that we spent today together with everyone, achieving yet another dream!
Thank you to everyone at the venue, of course, and everyone watching at LiveViewing, and everyone from Houzan Elementary School!
And then, and then, thank you to Onnagawa Town for the fishermen’s banner!
Onnagawa Town is celebrating their renaissance festival on the 15th and 16th too!
Let’s work hard together tomorrow!

We’ll enjoy ourselves with all our might again tomorrow Z!
Everyone, keep warm when you go to bed tonight!



1. Kokuritsugawa is written “国立川”, a combination of the words “国立” kokuritsu and “立川” Tachikawa. The term was coined in November 2011, during the launch event for single “Roudou sanka”, which took place on the rooftop of “Tachikawa from chuubu” building. During the event, the girls spoke of their wish to perform at the National Stadium, which is located in the nearby town, and so combined the names of these 2 places to give “kokuritsugawa”.