Those who read the photobook “ayu” would know that this is coming!
This logo mark for this tour is an American comic design ayu from the photobook!
Note the brand new never-before-seen design on these items!



Price: 2,500yen
The must-have item during LIVEs ♪ A COUNTDOWN LIVE momento.


Price: 3,200yen
A blanket made of micro-fibre that’s so soft to the touch.
Available in a large size to protect you from the cold air while waiting at the venue for the LIVE to begin!


Price: 3,500yen
Comes with a snap button that allows you to change the bag’s shape to accommodate your belongings.


Price: 1,800yen
Made of the same material as the bag. A great size that can be used as a mini clutch too ☆


Price: 1,000yen
A dye-cut key holder that can be clipped onto a bag or as a keychain.


Price: 700yen
Large stickers that come with a white base and clear base design ☆


Price: 4,000yen
In this age where almost everyone uses smartphones, we’re always worried of running out of battery. However, it’s unforgivable for a mobile battery that you carry around at all times to be of a simple design…
With that in mind, this mobile battery is released!
The batteries are 70% charged at point of sale, so you can use it to recharge your phone immediately while waiting for the LIVE to begin!

*A cable is provided for charging of the mobile battery. Different cables for charging of your phone are not provided. For those who wish to use the battery immediately upon purchase, please bring along your own charger cable.


Price: 1,200yen
A sturdy mug with a simple design of the tour logo!


Price: 1,200yen
The neon pink embroidery catches one’s eye.


Price: 1,000yen
A pink sticklight with a dotted pattern! Comes with the COUNTDOWN LIVE logo, of course.

ayumi hamasaki × ARTISTAMP (CDL13-14 A)

Price: 1,200yen
The “cut, paste, play” concept collaboration with body sticker ARTISTAMP during this summer’s mu-mo shop and a-nation venue is back!
Designs of the A logo, as well as the concert logo, this time’s collab is full of playful designs too ♪


The logo ayu and COUNTDOWN LIVE title are printed on separate sides of this T-shirt. The pink lame and gel on the sparkling print are the main highlights!


Price: 6,800yen
The prints on the chest and back are decorated with pink lame and gel! The soft body and warm inner lining makes this a good piece for frequent wear ♪

Venue-limited item!!
ayumi hamasaki × MANTEN NO HOSHI DAIFUKU

A collaboration between roasted green tea sweet “Manten no hoshi daifuku”, made from the very best tea leaves grown in Tsuno Town in Kochi Prefecture, and Hamasaki Ayumi.
Fragrant roasted green tea and soft pastry, with sweet top-quality red bean and fresh cream, come together in this ultimate sweet of exquisite taste!
The daifuku, a New Year charm said to bring great wealth.
A perfect New Year’s gift, comes in a pouch printed with the tour logo.

*Each customer is limited to 5 boxes.
*Sold at a separate booth.

■Sales at mu-mo shop begin 8 January 2014 (Wed) 19:00~

■”ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A GOODS” Special page OPEN from 26 December 2013 (Thu) 16:00~ ♪