My name is Boo-san!
I’ve been known as Boo-san ever since elementary school!

Because my name is “Takagi”

And then, for Kodomo Matsuri, while everyone wore animal headdresses, I was the lightning god!

I was aiming for the position of Takagi Boo-san, but who knew that I would get to meet him personally!
He even knew my name, and we took photos together and he gave me an autographed ukelele 󾬆󾬆
I was so touched that I almost fell over!

That must have been the moment in these 20 years of my life that I was most proud of my surname “Takagi”! (laugh)
Ah, this will become a family heirloom for sure!

And Boo-san has agreed to become part of the “Takagi clan” too!

As a junior of the Takagi world, I’ve decided to inherit the Takagi world and work hard!

Takagi Boo-san, thank you so much!





1. Takagi Boo is a Japanese comedian, musician and talent.