Oden just isn’t oden without radish and konnyaku!
And I’m obsessed with mochikinchaku lately too (´>ω<`)
Rice and stuff inside a fried tofu pouch, I just can’t get enough of it ( ´ ▽ ` ) Image

Ah, the first photo is Takagi-san and I playing around,

the second photo is me locked outside by Takagi-san after I went to the bathroom. (laugh)

The third photo is me begging to be let in because it was so cold~ Image (laugh)

And then, the staff all got involved too (lol)

In the end, Takagi and Tamai played rock, paper, scissors. Tamai won and I was let in.

What were we doing? (lol)


1. Oden is a dish normally consumed in winter. It consists of various ingredients, such as egg, daikon (white radish), or konnyaku stewed in soy-flavored soup stock
2. Mochikinchaku is an oden ingredient, made of glutinous rice in a pouch of fried tofu