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Erm–, today, I completed a schedule which would make most people go “are you kidding?!!” Well, here’s a group photo of all the TeamAyu members who worked really hard today. The princess is the inconspicuous one… Erm–, clockwise from the right, we have H&M’s CHIKA-san, nailist Bancho Kanako, H&M’s assistant Macchi, stylist assistant Nobita, stylist assistant Hanchin, Ushio and boss KOJI-kun. 3 of my managers refused to put on these hats!

By the way, the photograher was FANCLUB’s KAZ~ Yes!! Alright, the 3 features for this month are Walt Disney’s Snow White, Velfarre’s trance event, and Best Jeanist 2001.

However, I really wear lots of pink, almost on par with that Hayashiya couple Pei & Paa1


With love, Ayu


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Konnichihuahua. This is CREA. I’m doing well.


Somehow, I was given the chance to cover Snow White’s “Someday, my prince will come”. It was my first time singing in English, so it was a super emotional recording. Fuu-


This was taken backstage, when I was teaching the staff an alternate count. I was acting out “It goes like this round and round~”


Yes, this was during the LIVE itself! Right in the middle of it! You know, one has to create this feeling to sing Trance– It’s so hard– But I seem happy. I seem to be having fun.


This was taken right before the Velfarre Trance event!! That’s how the princess looks 2 minutes before showtime. The heat from the venue made my nostrils flare. Yahoo–



1: Hayashiya Pei is a Japanese celebrity, comedian and photographer. Hayashiya Paako is his wife.