I’m a little late!
But did everyone watch the winter FNS Song Festival-?

We managed to do 3 collabs this time,
on “Kogarashi ni dakarete”,
“Ringo satsujin jiken”,
and “Yume no naka he”!

We performed “Kogarashi ni dakarete” together with THE ALFEE-san!
Yes, together with the real Sakurai-san!
Momoclo’s Sakurai-san and THE ALFEE-san’s Sakurai! Double Sakurai-san!

“Ringo satsujin jiken” was with Gou Hiromi-san!
And Kiki Kirin-san Image (laugh)

And then and then, “Yume no naka he” with Saitou Yuki-san!
We performed with her on NHK’s Christmas drama too, so this was the 2nd collab!

As usual, I was super nervous-!
Pit-a-pat, heart throb!
But it was super fun Image

Such family-like music programmes are the best!
Other artistes did collabs too, and I got to watch and learn so much!
It was a programme created by lots of artistes and staff, to tell of the wonder of music!
I was so glad to have been a part of it, and it’ll be great if we could deliver the joy and wonder of music to the viewers!

I want to work hard so that we can be a part of such a programme again!


1. The phrase “Pit-a-pat, heart throb!” comes from Zenryoku Shoujo lyrics.