MotokiMinei: Shocked at ayu’s present for me…… Signatures on the CD and DVD… Thank you! I’m so happy!
ayu_19980408: I’m the best big sis ♪

RyoHoriguchi: Thank you so much, thank you. I’m now fully charged up to the MAX and ready to start changing my body for the next PV.
ayu_19980408: Ryo’s body charge is always MAX, right? Careful not to nosebleed. (laugh)

nootak: OK, I need to pack!
ayu_19980408: C u in HK(^_−)−☆XOXO

MotokiMinei: Big sis, thank you. You’re really the best! Best! My thanks is not enough. If there is anything you need from me, just let me know!
ayu_19980408: When Leslie and I get back from overseas, let’s have a Team Leslie gathering and celebrateee ☆

keitamaruyama: The 2 from Dori have always been clothesmakers. Nichome’s mama, Keiko. Another annual party. Summer is ending. (laugh) So, going to check out the clothes now.
ayu_19980408: Oh yeah! It’s Saturday, right? But I’m leaving for overseas on Saturday (T ^ T) I wanna go see. I wanted to go see.

RyoHoriguchi: Oops! Nosebleed… Will there be a celebration?? I hope it’ll be in October!
ayu_19980408: I’m thinking of mid-September~ Ah! But Ryo will be in LA then… I’ll prepare a present for you. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: New charity photobook 「LOVE&HOPExFIVE」 is out!! It’s a huge collection of past works done by Leslie and I. It’ll be released on 3 September, at the photo exhibition in Hong Kong (^_−)−☆

ayu_19980408: Basically, living based on instinct and momentum will cause commotion sometimes. Yes, that’s my life now. (lol) But as usual, everything is founded on love ♡

ayunews: 【offichal channel】 Hamasaki Ayumi / beloved
ayu_19980408: Directed by LESLIE KEE –>

nootak: Hamasaki Ayumi / BRILLANTE
ayu_19980408: Meat during the day —>

tatsukolacey: 5-leaved clover for AYU ♥
ayu_19980408: WOW!! Is that real one? Thx ♡ Can I borrow Tatsuya’s bike and Taku’s T-back top?

ayu_19980408: Yosh, various things are done!! Next will be TV Asahi GO!! Everyone, please check out tonight’s MSta at 20:00~ ♪(´ε` )

ayu_19980408: Great job ☆ Thank you!!

Boooo1985: ayuuu ♪(´ε` ) Apparently ONE PIECE’s Nami is based off of ayu ( *`ω´)
ayu_19980408: Seriously?!

SHUYA_Mizuno: Souvenirs ♪( ´▽`) Great job!!
ayu_19980408: Sensei! Ayumi-san is 120% sure that she will miss tomorrow’s flight… Please give me a morning call~ (´Д` )

GUTS_RUSH: Spotted my secret camera~ (^^;;
ayu_19980408: I don’t understand the different body builds of the 3 of us. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: Yes, today’s impressive height staircase.

ayu_19980408: Finally… You got to sing!! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

ayu_19980408: Bantering with Nao.