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Leslie ♥ A ♥ Ryan made a new history..

In order to bring aid to the regions devastated by the Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Photographer Leslie Kee-san released a charity photobook on 1 June titled 「LOVE & HOPE」. Right after the disaster, he visited devastated regions such as Miyagi Prefecture’s Ishinomaki City and Onnagawa Town as part of his filming work. The havoc shocked Leslie-san wordless, and he wished to bring “love and hope” to his “2nd homeland” where he had began his career as photographer. To do this, he gathered portraits of 200 female celebrities from 32 countries around the world, which he had taken in the past 7 years since his stay in NY, into a large charity photobook. In the collection were portraits of actresses and musicians like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Devon Aoki and other international celebrities, presenting a grand line-up of famous faces. Giving full support to this charity photobook is world-famous jeweller’s “Tiffany”. Sold for 5,000yen, the entire amount will go through the Japan Red Cross as aid towards disaster relief efforts.

The only artist to pose specifically for this photobook was Hamasaki Ayumi. The pop princess who believes in the power of music and the photographer who believes in the power of photos got together for a quick photoshoot to bring across their message. As 2 extremely busy personalities, the photoshoot took a mere 15 minutes. The charity photobook will be sold with 2 different covers, one featuring the current short-haired ayu, the other of a long-haired ayu from a visual shoot done 2 and a half years ago.

Scheduled ahead of the photobook’s official release, a photo exhibition titled “LOVE & HOPE” was held from 27-31 May at Omotesando Hills.


LOVE and POPE <– Argh! (laugh)