Posted on 2017-10-18 00:26:35

Everyone~ Everyone~ How are you? (・Θ・)

I’m in the midst of switching out my wardrobe.
I unpacked my coats in a panic ٩( ¨ )ว=͟͟͞͞
Everyone, please dress warmly too, so you don’t catch a cold! ⚠︎

So so, today, we did a band rehearsal for the Budoukan show ♪

We checked the videos, lighting, and costumes,
then did lots of music practice ♪。.:*・゜

Of course, I was the youngest one there,
but I did my best as band leader~ (`・ω・´)ゝ

Good things, bad things, I’ll take responsibility for it all…

I promise to everyone!

That I’ll give you courage through my music and voice o,+:。☆.*・+。

I don’t really know much about Budoukan…
But most importantly, singing while being surrounded by everyone makes me so happy, and I look forward to that most〜(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♪

This week, the Budoukan will seat 10,000 people.
Last week, there were 1800 people at Sendai Sun Plaza.
Everyone gave me their precious time and money
just to attend my concerts.
So, even if I am to sing
only for 2 people,
I wanna sing with all the strength I have.
So, even if I don’t have the power to take on Budoukan,
I’ll still give all of this 22-year-old self.
Since I made the decision to do this at Yokohama Arena,
it’s been a culmination of 2 years of work.
The music, setlists, structure, costumes, and goods that I wanted…

And then, the songs I wanna deliver to everyone.

It’s still totally inadequate, but

I’ll put everything I possess right now
into this.

“Kokoro no senritsu
〜feel a heartbeat~” compilation.
It’s just so scary, but exciting~ (>Θ<)

That's why, in this compilation,

I still need
everyone's voices and applause~
There are lots of instruments in this world.
Now, we can create music even without instruments, through the use of computers and smartphones,
but for me, no instrument can rival human voices and applause 。。。☆。.:*・゜

Feelings of kindness, and a heartfelt wish to grant others strength,
the power of human voices and applause to encourage
is more powerful than any instrument!!

So please support me! 
Of course, even the people who can't come to the concert,
please support me too!
Let's sing together ♪
The only thing I can do
at Budoukan this week
is to deliver the best song and music to everyone,
so I'll give it my all with nothing else in mind~!! ☆。.:*・゜