Posted on 2014-12-11 12:46:35

Takagi is always right at your feet! ✌
That’s your usual Takagi.

So— December has flown in—.
First, I was a special lecturer at Musabi, then we did FNS, early goods sales, then the harmful drugs extermination campaign!
Every single day was so fulfilling yay!
Anyway, “Wasurarenu music” is now available at karaoke ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
The girl who somehow finds time for karaoke sessions. That’s Takagi Reni.
I mean, Taka-san has lots of new interests recently, such as karaoke, collecting rodeo fashion, and watching pictures and videos of Teletubbies’ Tinky Winky! ❤
And I received Syachihoko’s calendar from a staff member yesterday, so touched!
And the newest volume of “Rumi-chan no jishou” is out too!
Alright, will go buy it!
My next break will be a Rumi-chan festival \(^o^)/

Everyone, let’s work hard tomorrow with full energy and full hearts.
And take care of your health too! ❤