with LOVE / Kana Nishino with LOVE / Kana Nishino
from with LOVE album.


In the Selfie taken of us
You were so shy, Smily
Full of so many memories
Our story lined up

I’ve always stood by you
Witnessing your various sides
But there is surely something
I don’t know about you

We kissed so many more times than we fought
Let’s think about that and laugh together

Yes You & Me
We are surely connected with LOVE
With you, together
We can do anything with LOVE
Moments when our hearts overlap
I want to feel them more, more
We can do anything with LOVE



Futari de utsushita Selfie
Kimi wa terekusasou Smily
Omoide darake so many
Narabeta futari no Story

Ironna kimi wo zutto
Soba de mite kita kedo
Mada shiranai tokoro ga
Kitto aru kara

Kenka shita kaze yori mo takusan no kisu shiyo
Sonna koto atta ne to waraou yo

Sou You & Me
Futari tsunagu kimochi wa kitto with LOVE
Kimi to nara isshoni itara
We can do anything with LOVE
Kokoro to kokoro ga kasanaru shunkan wo
Motto motto kanjitai no
We can do anything with LOVE



ふたりで写した Selfie
君は照れくさそう Smily
思い出だらけ so many
並べた二人の Story



そうYou & Me
ふたり繋ぐ気持ちはきっと with LOVE
君となら 一緒にいたら
We can do anything with LOVE
心と心が 重なる瞬間を
もっともっと 感じたいの
We can do anything with LOVE