Posted on 2014-09-24 21:20:23


↑ A photo of me as Totto-chan, with Kuroyanagi Tetsuko-san, during the special Kuroyanagi Tetsuko-san episode of Sekai Fushigi Hakken!
My costume was modelled after Totto-chan from The Best Ten!!

I try my best each episode to get the top prize, but I just can’t get it. (laugh)

If I get another chance, I’ll definitely do my best to get the top prize! (*`・ω・´)ノ (laugh)

So, as we move into the second half of September, the days are going to get colder. Recently, we attended Inazuma Rock Fest and Kishidan Banpaku too, so it feels like summer is already over!

Wow, what a summer—!
Everyday was so rich, so full of events and drama!
That was our summer—! ☆

And then,
Momoclo has our own regular music programme now!
Sakazaki Kounosuke’s Momoiro Folk Village started broadcasting on NEXT just a few days ago!!
The show will be broadcast live once a month,
and the commemorative first episode was such an awesome recording!
I was quite nervous during the briefing before the show, but after the first episode, I feel more confident now!
This programme is really so awesome!
There’s lots of unprecedented stuff too———! (laugh)

And then, I’m sure everyone is surprised to see me use such a big word as ‘unprecedented’! (゚▽゚)

Be it CS or live broadcasts, being with the other members and everyone every month is just too much fun—!
I hope that’s what this show will become (^^)

Alright— Goodnight—!! (´-`)