Posted on 2014-09-16 10:52:31

It’s been half a year
since Kokuritsu ☆

That sea of green penlights

Everyone’s smiles and cheers

All the congratulatory messages from the blog readers

The happiest moment of my life

Remembering all these makes my heart burn

And then…

That means…

In another half a year’s time

It’s unbelievable…

But I’ll be 20 years old!!

So many things have happened throughout my life

And thanks to everyone, I’ve managed to make it so far
and met with so much happiness

20 years old…

A 20 year-old me…

Fu! I just can’t imagine it (laugh)

And then and then
after Inazuma Rock Fest and Kishidan Banpaku

Summer is coming to an end
this year too

Lots of thoughts and emotions running around

Filling up my heart…

…So, a few moments ago,
I took a few deep breaths

…And that calmed me down a little ^^;

Ah! Thanks to everyone who attended the festivals (*^^*)

For Inazuma,
we covered a song by Nishikawa-san
called “INVOUGE” ♪

We were all so excited de-ariyasu ↑↑

Covers are just so much fun! (*>∀<*)

At Kishidan Banpaku
we managed to do words again this year ♪

Thanks to the generous and kind Kishidan-san,
we were invited to be the finale act.
It really made me so happy de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

And lastly,
we all dressed in similar costumes and did a collab on Mouretsu ♪

And then, as if
drawing an end to this summer,
we all watched the fireworks together ☆

And so, without any regrets,
the curtains were drawn on summer (*’-’*)

It’s a little lonely

…But it’s alright ☆

There are lots of events coming up in autumn too ♪

And we’ll surely
meet with everyone again somewhere (*^Θ^*)

So until then, please take care— (*・Θ-*)

Ah! Today is filial piety day
Did everyone know~??

I called up my elders, as I do every year, and we chatted about everything (laugh)

To all the grandpas and grandmas around the country,
I hope we managed to send out lots of power to you… .:*:゜☆