Posted on 2014-06-14 20:33:11


Did everyone watch it-?

“Naitemo iin da yo” Father’s Day ver. was released on Asahi Shinbun Digital-san’s YouTube!!!

Wow… This is really
so crazy. (laugh)

Aarin really cried.

The moment she cried the most was when…

…Aah—–, I can’t say it ((*ω*))

It’ll just be a spoiler
for those who hadn’t watched it yet

Daddy cried, of course,
along with all of us—–.

Please please watch it! (`・ω・´)

And then, tomorrow is Father’s Day.
Asahi Shinbun Digital-san will open a Father’s Day special site for everyone to send “Naitemo iin da yo” to their daddys,
so please do send it to your daddy too!


This is Momoclo’s daddy. (laugh)

image Sasaki Ayaka image