Posted on 2014-06-14 20:42:09

Good morning-ning!
The weather is so wonderful today, Taka-san’s mood is really taka-san \(^o^)/

And so, today is the day before a really important day.
Does everyone know what it is?
Well, I won’t be telling you.

Tomorrow’s the day when you give thanks once every year!
Yes, gifts may be appreciated, but feelings and emotions are even more precious, right?

So everyone, please deliver your feelings honestly, and I hope those feelings will be received with happiness.

And then!
If you’re puzzling over what to give, what to say, or are just generally too shy to do anything, Taka-san has a suggestion for you!
I’ve watched this together with my family, but everyone will get different feelings and moods from it depending on how your family is.
And this is Taka-san’s suggestion.

“Naitemo iin da yo”
Father’s Day ver. is revealed on Asahi Shinbun Digital-san’s YouTube!
There’s also a special site where you can send the song to your loved ones, so please send “Naitemo iin da yo” to them.

So, have a peaceful! and wonderful time with your family!

See you soon




1. The kanji “taka 高” means “high” or “tall”.