Posted on 2014-06-14 20:38:34

Tomorrow is finally Father’s Day!

I’m sure everyone already knows about this,

Momoclo’s “Naitemo iin da yo” is being used in a video for all fathers around the world
on Asahi Shinbun Digital-san’s YouTube- (*・Θ-*)

To the dads who are working hard
and the dads who are fighting against heavy odds

And then,
to everyone who is working hard at various things
and shouldering different kinds of burdens

I think the video will surely give you some encouragement

Takitou Kenichi-san plays the dad,
while Kobayashi Ryoko-chan plays the daughter

Everyone, give it a watch- (*・Θ-*)

Haha!.. Papa… ♪

I’m all grown up too (^Θ^;)