2 March 2014. 20:42
by ayu.

About me being a secret guest artiste~, about me not even telling friends that I’d returned to Japan~, and most importantly, about me keeping silent on TA that I’d returned to Japan~ It was really tough (´・_・`)

If it was something that I could have announced, I’m sure everyone would have tried their ve~ry best to come to see me~
Sorry (´・_・`)

But but, everyone seems to have caught bits of info through the TV news?! I was so glad to hear reviews from everyone!! So happy I did it ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
And then, well, I’ll be talking lots today about skin and abs. (laugh)

Yes, as everyone has been saying, I’ve really! Gotten tanned. (laugh)
It’s been so long since I last got such sun damage, so it was bad!! So before the TGC show, I sent out an SOS call to Yuuki-sensei at bonito, who usually does my eyelash extensions! And then, I tried the faceworks carbonic acid pack course for the first time!


My skin is like a baby’s now, both in looks and in touch. I just went through one session? When my manager touched my skin, she screamed “What is this-?!!!”. (laugh)
It was so funny (we literally LOL-ed), the keratin layer was removed, my pores had shrunk, even the baby hairs, which are the primary reason our faces get dirty (because they trap dust), were all removed.
Really regret not having tried this sooner. (laugh)
But this will be part of my life from now on! (laugh)
And so, I highly recommend it!!! Please read this page for more details ♪ They also have lots of information on interesting things like facial mites-.


And then, abs (laugh) I’ve increased my workout load, which includes pressure training, and there’s a great supplement which really complements the training…
I’ve recommended this in the LIFE STYLE BOOK too, euglena Orange!!!
It’s an extraordinary product for me and you and her and me (laugh) It comes in pill form, which you mix in with alcohol, not enough to cause drunkenness, for drinking.
This product is su—per good at helping your body to expel all the oils you’ve eaten in your food before your body can absorb it ☆
Furthermore, this product contains all 59 essential nutrients, and you’ll feel really energetic after absorbing these into your system!
In short, it’s totally good stuff for your body. (laugh)
It’s truly a doctor-recommended supplement ☆
This one will definitely be a part of my life from now on too! (laugh)

I was just discussing this supplement with my doctor the other day, and we got excited about it and she asked if I could arrange for special offers for the TA members who have read the STYLE BOOK and want to try out the supplement~
So I went to ask for it. (laugh)

When you order the 10-pack set from this website, add in this line “I’m a TA member who read the STYLE BOOK!” (STYLE BOOKを読んだTAメンバーです!), and you’ll get 5 more packs for free~ 〜(≧∇≦) Isn’t that awesome? ❤


And that’s all for today’s informative beauty update ❤

From under the same sky…….