Posted on 2014-03-02 21:46:26

Thank you to everyone who watched this morning’s “Mondai no nai ongakukai”
It was a live broadcast from Kooriyama in Fukushima,
where we sang together with the audience, practiced tongue twisters,
did orchestra versions of songs, including the sound effects.
It was so much fun, it didn’t really feel like a TV programme recording at all-

And as everyone already knows,
we received the Ustream Grand Award this year again-
I haven’t done any Momokatari lately, I wanna do it-

So! It’s 2 March tonight, or Mini day,
which is perfect for someone my size
I’ll be hugging Hana-chan to sleep de-ariyasu ❤ ❤





1. “Momokatari” is a combination of “Momoka” and “Katari (talk)”, the name given to Momoka’s chat session on UStream.