Strolling~ ♪
17 February 2014. 16:21
by ayu.

It’s been really hot in LA these days!!!

So I’ve been sweating outside, then returning home to cool down. However, the air-conditioning at the shopping malls and restaurants are all going at full blast (*_*)

As cold as a fridge…

With this hot→cold→hot→cold switching, is it just me who’s feeling slightly down with flu? (laugh)

However, today~ has been of a milder temperature, so we managed to go for a stroll to watch the sunset during the evening ^ ^

And then, before we knew it, we had walked for 2.5 hours (laugh) It got so dark, that we ended up admiring the night scenery instead of the sunset (laugh) And then, we also stumbled into a jungle-like place, so we had to call a cab to save us and take us home (laugh) What kind of stroll was that?!

Ah~ I’m so glad my companion had his wallet with him! I had nothing on me!! Everyone, beware of jungles!!! (lol)