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Wrapping up the 15th Anniversary year, Ayu x ViVi 2-month consecutive print release project!!

Part 1:
First photobook since “uraayu ayumi hamasaki asian book”,
Photobook “ayu” on sale now!!

Part 1 is an exclusive photobook shot at her residence in L.A. Clad in her own fashion, the book features scenes from her real life, relaxed expressions that cannot be seen anywhere else, and photos of her wrapped in sheets in her private bedroom. An up-close and personal encounter with a smiling ayu, almost within reach, surrounded in a warm atmosphere!

Part 2:
Much-awaited LIFE STYLE BOOK now in production!!

Part 2 is a LIFE STYLE BOOK which fans have been waiting for for the past 2 years, produced under ayu’s own direction!! Starting with snapshots of ayu’s usual must-have items and personal fashion style, she also reveals her beloved cosmetics and beauty items, her private residences in Tokyo and L.A., the Hamasaki household gourmet, and recommended dream-like travel spots!

This issue!! We feature the making-of of the LIFE STYLE BOOK!! Check it out now


making report

A special feature of the backstage of the LIFE STYLE BOOK, currently in production!
Let us introduce some scenes from the meeting to wrap up the book!

Contents: fashion, beauty, interior, food, travel, family, etc…

Captions from top to bottom:

1. All photos, such as scenes of her residence and other places throughout the world were supplied by ayu. This huge collection to be used in the LIFE STYLE BOOK had to be rearranged in order, and the process had to be repeated many times. Starting with the cover, ayu checked through every detail and item which she wished to deliver to her readers.

2. After selecting the best photos, the staff team held a meeting to review the selection and decide if some shots were to be retaken. After a long thought process, this 2-year overdue work was born.

3. All featured items belong to her private collection, as she directed the artistry behind each and every shot!!


Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary Vol.160 January

1. Everyone, konnichihuahua. I’m having the best recording session now. The focus this time is definitely on “EDM x Ayu”!! Kyaaa- Don’t miss it

2. Everyone’s been sending me lots of questions!! The beanies I’ve been wearing lots recently are from the brand “neff”, available in Western countries. I bought mine at KITSON-.

3. This Kitty-chan iPhone case is from ninamew. It’s just so exquisite!!!! But I use it lots so it’s a little worn out (laugh) It also comes with a card holder

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1. Chanel bag, which at first glance sports a dumbbell (laugh).

2. Dolce’s square-framed sunglasses.It’s really light, and I keep wearing them these days~

3. My music comrade in L.A… VERBAL-chin from m-flo, a familiar director, and Jason, a familiar face from little bro’s single!! Love you all

4. Gucci’s leopardprint for today. Aside from the shirt I was wearing in the photos, I also bought a large clutch, sneakers and short boots.

5. I was wearing Jimmy Choo’s flat gold sandals!!


1. This is Vegas!! I’m on a study tour.

2. For some reason, someone was holding a wedding that day, on the largest scale ever in Vegas history!!! Wow-, it was so awesome!!! The venue was as big as Saitama Super Arena… (sweatdrop)

3. Isabel Marant sneakers!! I’m an obsessed collector. LOVE Isabel Marant

4. A leopardprint stole from Saint Laurent, over Lauren’s long T-shirt, over ROW’s leather pants (laugh)

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1. HERVE LEGER’s stiletto heels with Victoria Beckham’s tuxedo dress and jacket. A beloved coordination

2. The team that creates my stage!! I really bow down to them!