Mama took these
when she went to Shiodome Station a while ago Image

3 more days to Momokuri Image

Everyone~ look at these photos
And get ready for Christmas~ Image

To the people who can’t come to Momokuri
There will be OAs in the upcoming days
on NHK, SKY PerfecTV, Teletama and more Image

This year’s Christmas
is going to be the most exciting- Image Image

Yes, yes
we’ll be performing live tomorrow at NHK
on “Doyou Studio Park” (* *)

It’ll air from 14:05~15:05

Everyone, don’t miss it (*・Θ-*)

And then, Momokuri~
will be streaming live on
BS11, Sun TV, Teletama, Chiba TV, Gifu Broadcasting and KBS Kyoto Image

That will be from 18:00~19:00

Everyone at the different prefectures, please watch it too- Image

Ah! And then,
yesterday was the release date for B.L.T.! Image

We’re on the cover ♪ Fufu! (*^Θ^*)

I’ll upload some off-shots soon (*・Θ-*)

And so,
Christmas~then year’s end~
Momoclo will be keeping it high all the way ♪

Everyone~ Don’t take your eyes off us-! (@ @) (laugh)


1. BLT refers to Beautiful lady’s television, a Japanese magazine.