We’re working hard for Momokuri-!

These days,
Aarin has been swapping T-shirts with big sis Reni during rehearsals- Image (laugh)

Both of us have long hair,
and we’re almost the same height too

So Yumi-sensei looked really confused. (laugh)

Sorry (´・_・`)

She called out “Hey, hey, Reni-!” countless times at Aarin (laugh)

Who shall Aarin swap shirts with next-? (。-∀-)

(grin!) ♪

We’ve been doing sit-ups during lessons these days-.
It’s so——– tough! (laugh)

And the tempo she set is so fast~

Aarin is so bad at it that she feels like running away (´・ω・`) (laugh)

There’s always this music she plays when we’re to do sit-ups, and when the intro of the music plays,

Aarin always feels “Kyaaa—-!”, as if something frightening is coming—– (laugh)

She always feels like an empty husk after sit-ups. (laugh)

Ahh, today was an interesting day too- (laugh)

And Aarin worked really hard (`・ω・´)

Aarin is Santa- Image Image

Image Sasaki Ayaka Image